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Alternator Questions

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Couple of recommendations. First, would be to try a starter/alternator rebuild shop. That's a common route for the guys who use the high power car stereos.  The alternator shop can put the high output parts in your alternator much cheaper than buying a new one. 

Next suggestion is to use the alternator from the diesel engine model.  They're a higher output than the gas models. 

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The alternator doesn't replace the stator because the stator also provides the timed ignition voltage to the coil, which then fires the spark plugs (it has two sets of windings). The stock stator, according to my information, provides about 15 amps of electrical power for lighting and accessories. The optional alternator can provide up to 50 more amps. Finding the kit is like finding hens teeth though. 🤣

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Have you thought about running a small generator instead. Because there's no way that you can pull that many amps without the engine running anyway. So why not a small generator? They're fairly quiet, and would be multi purpose too. Similar price, easier installation. 

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Get yourself a 2000 watt inverter generaor (for quietest operation) and 100+ amp 12vdc power supply.  Bolt the generator to the back.  Then go for a ride.  Alternators for UTVs and ATVs are barely large enough to run the lights, computer, fuel pump and ignition system (about 400 watts).

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      Drove 1/2 mile to the gas station and when I started up to leave the starter stuck on. Turn key off starter is still running~! Limp it home wondering what the heck to do, get it in the garage and pull the negative battery terminal to get it to stop. Whew, WTF?

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      Everything works now, but the starter sounds horrible so I'll be changing that too before spring.

      Good luck out there and hopefully this is just a freak occurrence, but if I were you I'd get rid of this kymco part and put the Kawasaki replacement in now.

      Switch, Magnetic is part number 27010-0767
      Sub Harness Start Relay is part number 26031-Y034

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