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2015 Kawasaki Mule 4010 dual battery install

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Hi all, I am looking at putting in a dual battery setup to my 2015 Mule 4010. Anyone put one of these in before? Most of the research has pointed me to the True Am kit. Didnt know if anyone had done this or had a battery strap down tray they recommend or anything.  Between the Winch and the Stereo...and upcoming lights I want to be able to make sure it always starts.


Thanks in advance,


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Okay, I finally found it on  the Kawasaki website, the stock output for the alternator is 15 amps..... I know most lawnmowers that use a electric PTO for the blades put out 20 amps.

Kawasaki still sells the big 50 amp alternator kit for this 4010.. but it's anywhere from $300-500 bucks.

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39 minutes ago, Travis said:

Okay, I finally found it on  the Kawasaki website, the stock output for the alternator is 15 amps..... I know most lawnmowers that use a electric PTO for the blades put out 20 amps.

Kawasaki still sells the big 50 amp alternator kit for this 4010.. but it's anywhere from $300-500 bucks.

woooo doggy thats an expensive alternator. Dang.  Theres got to be a more cost effective option

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On 7/24/2020 at 9:15 PM, kenfain said:

Try an alternator/starter shop. They do upgrades to automotive alternators for a lot less than that. So guys can run the huge stereo amplifiers. I think it's just resistors and stuff. But it's worth a try, since even with the dual battery system. You'll still need the extra amperage. 

Hey Kenfain,  not sure why I didnt get a notification on the post but I wanted to circle back. Thats an awesome idea. Looks like I will have a few calls to make and find a second stock alternator. If I have a high output modified alternator then I can probably get by with just the single battery too.


Ill post back with some info after I track down the local alternator shop and talk with them

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The dual battery set up is still a great idea. Because the thing about high amp draw accessories, is that the motor needs to be running. Like when using a winch.

I had a nice stereo in a vehicle once. Every time it hit a bass note, the needle would tank. Just keeping time with the music lol.

Not hard to envision that a couple hours of listening to the radio while fishing...you might need that extra battery also.

Only you know exactly what you have in mind for your build. But if you're going over a true 40 watt per channel stereo. Unless you have the dual battery. I'd keep an eye on that amp draw.


I sidestepped all that by using a powered speaker. It's portable, and self contained. It'll run for hours. And it's got quality sound, that can be easily heard from a hundred yards away. It'll get so loud, that it can hurt your ears to walk over to turn it down. And it's much cheaper than an installed stereo. Mine was about $125. And its about the size of a milk crate.

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Amazon has a 40 amp alternator for your mule for $100.  I'm sure there are other sources for a larger alternator and maybe for a lower price.  That stock alternator is barely big enough to run the headlights and other lighting and charge the battery.  Make sure you install a battery isolator so that if one battery goes down, the other battery is isolated and won't discharge.

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