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Joe Breaux

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lol  jokes on them..  I AM NOT HOME!   They can try to find me in the Sherburne Wildlife Area/ Indian Bayou Nat Forest ...   about 100,000 acres .......good luck with that..     Besides, I doubt they give a crap  about Giggles Harris .. She spends all her time in the ORAL Office 

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its a misdirection  tactic.. . I pay someone to type for me, using a burner routed thru 27 satellites ... I also encrypt it using  2000 yr old secret language, Pig latin.. They will NEVER figure it out..    Hey, they took 7 years to find Osama living next door to Police Academy..  They couldnt find  Hillarys emails  on Computers when they were stacked in the corner of the WH...   They still haven t found Hunters laptop while every news channel has had it for a year.  They are not the brightest bulbs in the room 

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    • By jmutv
      Hello there!  I hear a low rumble/rattle when it’s just sitting still with the engine running idle.  Has less than 20 hours of run time.  Have a listen to the attached audio.  I don’t if this is normal.  Slightest amount of gas and rattle goes away.  All in neutral.  Shifting transmission changes nothing

      Engine rattle.wav    
    • By Robert Mack
      I have a Kubota RTV900 that I am having issues with......it will start up, run about 10-15 seconds then die......turn the key off and wait a few minutes, and the same thing happens. I have gone through all the steps listed to bleed and prime the pump even though I did not run out of fuel....and I cracked the lines on the injector pump and watched fuel pump out as I crank it, so I am not convinced that it is a fuel injector issue......is there a relay that could be causing this? What is the starter timer relay that people have mentioned and what does it do?
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      TLDR (too long didn't read) in blue for quick scanning
      Hey all! I'm new to the Side-by-side/UTV world. We own a smallish farm and decided to go with the 2021 Tracker 800LE Crew. We like the seating and the ride is smooth. However as a newbie I have some questions that maybe some of you longtime side-by-side/UTV owners can help with. We're still in the "break-in" period and it seems that after 30 min or less of driving the dash area gets super hot. You can feel the heat waves coming off the floorboard by your feet and my phone sitting in the little hole (where a radio might go) felt like I left it in the hot sun for too long. The glovebox was also way too hot. 
      So the question is, is this normal, or should I start checking engine coolant and filters? We literal have had it a day. I have read forums and looked up info and can't find anyone mentioning this issue. I just don't want to burn the thing up before we've even put it through it's paces ya know!
      Thanks for any help!
    • By Robert Sawyer
      So I have a 2018 Massimo 500 and bought with 100 miles on it and only 400 now. It has worked and ran perfect. I noticed towards cooler weather it wasn’t idling and then just not running good at all. 
      things done - replaced the ignition coil replaced the plug checked cord for voltage. Drained gas cleaned tank went to a Rec fuel. Cleaned fuel filter screen at bottom of fuel filter. Cleaned main line and screen (had some residue) no air leaks I can find. Checked cleaned air filter. Cleaned and tested air intake control. Removed cleaned and tested the device moves o ring also fine. 
      I am not at a loss I can not get it back to where it was I have attached video of running etc 
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    • By mcraigchr
      I'm a Kubota 1140 owner.  Love the machine.
      I'm also old, live in central Texas and have a decided to stop sweating / freezing when I can help it.  So, I am looking into a machine with heat and AC.  I see that Can Am and Polaris have those options.  Questions:
      1) Do the environmental controls work well?  Any issues with overheating, etc?
      2) Are there any other brands that offer heat and AC?
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