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Massimo T-Boss 410 Pricing and Repair


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My Axis 500 which is a Hisun, went from $7999 when I bought in April, to $8999 near the end of the year.  I'm a veteran, so buying it from Lowes gets me a 10% discount.  Now if I could find someone near me to work on it if I need it.  Another dealer that sells Hisuns won't work on it because I didn't buy it from them.  Luckily nothing has happened to it.  It also has a two year warranty.

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Thanks, but I did that already.  I did a lot of research on these before I bought it, and figured that if I have to pay I'm still saving something.  I have a repair service that will will on it but they won't do warranty work because they don't pay worth a crap. Hope they'll reimburse me . It'll work out.  Might not even need them.

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  • Alex changed the title to Massimo T-Boss 410 Pricing and Repair
18 hours ago, T-boss 410 said:


Your unit's manufacturer. Go to the link. It will give you a service locations. It will also show how to register the unit for the warranty. 

lol     Massimo /HISUN Warrantee??  lol .... Massimo shows 3 shops within 200 miles of me... NONE will work on them now because Massimo does not pay them for warrenty claims.. EVER!  One  small independent shop near me will work on them but requires CASH up front because parts can take months to come in. 

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    • By Adrian Domingues
      I have 31 miles on my new T-Boss 550. In order to start I put in nentural and the emerage brake on and push down on brake paddle, then trun ket and get nothing, with key still on I shift to reverase and the back to netural and it starts.  Anyone know what is happening.
      Thanks for your help
    • By res2fr
      I have an issue and I'm hoping that someone can help with a little Wisdom. I have a 2016 Massimo MSU500 UTV that blew a time chain while out riding. It has been torn down to replave the chain and Sprocket amount other things that will be renewed. The problem comes in with setting Top Dead Center on the motor. The Manuals all teel one to line up hash marks on the flywheel with a point on the side cover under what's referred to in several place as a manhole cover. Its a large headed cap/bolt that unscrews and allows you to view the edge of the flywheel. There are hash marks on the flywheel that your supposed to turn the crank until you get the proper alignment between a certain hash mark and a reference point on the Case. Problem is there is NO reference point on the case there. I also have another 2016 MSU500 and a 2014 Coleman 500. Not one of these machines have a reference mark of any kind in that location. (I have pictures if needed) 
        I know I can use the old pull the valve covers and rotate the crank and rely on getting the right point where Both Intake and Exhaust valves are closed at hopefully the correct point in the piston stroke. Is there any other reference point that could be used for this or is this the only thing left to use for finding TDC? Gotta Love documentation that doesn't match the equipment it's supposed to be for, any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if just to tell me that's about my only option. 
      Thanks to all who even take the time to read my rambling question.
    • By matthejl
      Quick history:
      Bought it about a month ago and when I test drove it, it ran good. Loaded it up and took it home. Owner said it had been sitting for a long time, but was "just serviced". It only has 500 miles on it total. Drove it around and found out the charging system wasnt working...so had to charge the battery once every week and a half or so. One day my daughter was driving it and it died. I couldnt get it to start again and I noticed there was no fuel in the filter...I first checked pulse/vacuum line to make sure it was sucking and it was. So I replaced the fuel pump with one I found local...which is for a large riding lawn mower...and it worked. Engine started and ran, but struggled at low speed immediately following running it at higher speed. It would bog when decelerating. I have also noticed now that it will backfire some on decell and die.
      In the meantime, I went ahead and installed new stator and trigger coil assembly to get the charging system working again (that was an issue because it would not start at all after that...but eventually found that the trigger coil was wired backwards in the plug from the factory). I have also set valves, but I set them to .005 (intake) and .007 (exhaust)...per the manual. But what is weird is the manual states its mainly for the 700 series, but "can" be used on other models. On the front it says 500/600/700. I have noticed that the most common setting seems to be .005.
      Anyways it still has the issue to me that seems like its running lean. Not full power now, struggles immediately running it faster, and will die and pop some on deceleration.
      My main problem now is that it wont get to higher rpms as fast as it did when I first bought it. It struggles on deceleration after running near top speed.
      Things I have done:
      changed fuel pump
      replaced stator / pickup coil
      thoroughly cleaned carb (twice)
      set valves to .005 and .007 (is .007 too loose for exhaust?)
      anyways it seems to have a lean problem, and wondering if you have any suggestions on what to check.
    • By Byron Johnson
      Does anyone have a had time starting there utv.
      I have a T-Boss 750 and I have had to put 2 starters in and put heavier wire to the starter but it still has a problem starting. it will turn over and than die before it wil turn over again. could it be that there is to much compression that might cause this problem
      Thank you
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    • By MitchSpence
      I have a Massimo Buck 400 2020 model. It is not starting and I am pretty sure it is the solenoid. Anyone know where I can get part? Ebay and Amazon have one but with a different connector. Anybody?
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