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T-boss 410 spark plug upgrade

T-boss 410

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Thank you, sir! So, the upgrade is switching to an iridium plug? Is it a different heat range? I know mine was running rough and difficult to start, so I pulled the spark plug. It was fouled, so rather than clean and replace it, I changed it out for a new plug. I gapped it according to the manual, and it runs much better, and starts quicker. It's the same plug, just a new one. 

I thought that iridium and platinum plugs were for extended use? Personally, I don't like them. I use NGK V-groove plugs in my vehicles. The UTV gets a standard copper core plug. My reasoning for that choice is a combination of price and performance. Have you ever tried to remove a spark plug that's been in a head for 100,000 miles? It's lots of fun, let me tell ya. I have also seen the platinum tips disappear, causing a poor performance issue.  True, I may spend more on plugs over the life of the vehicle, but I don't get plugs that are nearly impossible to remove, either. Platinum isn't as good a conductor as copper, either. I would think that would be harder on the coil, since the resistance is greater. I don't know about the conductivity of iridium, but I do know it costs considerably more than the copper plugs do.

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they use less voltage compared to platinum and copper, so if your coil is not sparking as hot as when it was new, it won't be as heavy of an electrical load, is what it sounds like, it also creates a more concentrated flame and combustion area.

I've thought about trying one in mine, some people note a better throttle response.


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Yeah, I would have to try that myself. I've always been a sceptic of noticable performance from a switch in spark plugs, unless it's a faulty plug(s). I have a real issue with the E3 spark plugs. The spark is going to take the path of least resistance, so there will only be one spark. Now maybe where different types of metals are used in the electrodes that can conduct electricity better, but can that actually be felt in the performance? Now a good coil or a system that enhances the spark, maybe.

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