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COLEMAN UT400 Fuel indicator


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We just purchased the Coleman UT400, I put 5 gallons of fuel in the tank and the fuel indicator still reads "empty".  After looking around the fuel tank, I found a tube that is only connected at one end, maybe this is the issue?  I have been looking for a more comprehensive manual that may show how this tube should be connected, no luck.  Looking for help on this issue/issues.  Thank you.



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I had the same problem when I got mine. I tried taking the tank apart and even got a new float and sensor. No luck. Warranty service was poor and very frustrating. I traced the entire wiring of it. No luck. As a last ditch thing I pulled the plug in the harness under the front hatch lid and it looked fine, until I looked closer! One of the little tabs in the plug was bent over. It would not contact but it still allowed the plug to snap together. The easiest way to find the white plug is to trace back from the dash gauge. You can straighten the tab with some hemostats and then plug it all back together. With all I went through trying to figure this out and the hassles I went through trying to get warranty service it would just make my day if this was your problem and it could be remedied as easily as mine was ((once I found it, that is). I agree, the tube is likely just a vent tube as everything on the tank locks in place.

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The fuel indicator can be misleading on how to read it. I have Axis 500. It has bar indicators with the ‘near empty’’ bar being Red and all others up to full being Yellow or Amber.  With a full tank all indicators are visible, including the red empty indicator. As fuel is consumed the indicators will disappear from right to left.  Don’t let the visible red indicator fool you. It doesn’t mean  that it’s about empty.

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Hey New,

These things are a mess. I can't really describe what the plug looks like except it is white in mine. I followed the wires from the dash/fuel gauge unit to the first plug and this is it. Like I said, when I looked at it , it looked fine, but when I looked closer, there was a bent over tab inside. It was hard to see without a light. I reached inside the plug with some hemostats and was able to bend the tab back and then snap the plug back together. I wouldn't doubt if this was the problem with your speedo too. Tabs like this get bent when workers are rushed to get things done quickly. If all else fails, just start checking any plug you can get to. It is probably quicker and cheaper to do this than trying to contact warranty service. That was a nightmare! In all fairness though, once I got this little beast operating correctly, it has done very well.

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On My '21 Axis 500. The fill plug on the rear differential is the speedo sensor. The wire connector is on the left side of the differential and the fill plug is on the right. I had to take the wire connector apart before removing the plug. If you don't take connector apart. The wires just twist around each other at sensor/fill plug and will end up mangled.

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I did read somewhere on this forum about the float sticking in the tank. To poster said they removed the pump and the float arm was in a bind or something. Once they moved it and reassembled all was good. I know that riding thru the hills and such. Even a pothole or 2 should jar it enough for the arm to bounce. But guess in that post it didn't. Just trying to help.

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Since this is a fairly new machine. I would contact the warranty dept. Explain what's going on. Then see if they can provide a solution or if you are willing to do the repairs. See if they would send you the replacements parts.


The speed sensor would provide input for the speedometer and odometer. Then the fuel float provides input for the fuel gauge. If you decide to tackle it yourself. Invest in a good multimeter. And a place to do the work since winter is coming. And of course help from this board.


Good luck.

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So you're sure the fuel isnt full? These things dont burn a lot of gas unless youre doing quite a few miles of driving. If it in indeed malfunctioning you ikely have two separate issues to track down.

As i showed with the wiring diagram before there are separate plugs for fuel level & speed into the dash display. Feel free to check those behind the display and make sure theyre plugged in. Its very possible they did a poor job of plugging in both. Remove both plugs and check for bent pins before reinstalling.

The fuel sensor wiring on the tank side is directly under the seat, on the top of the tank. its a 4 pin connector. Removr the pump module and check resistance between the middle two pins, while moving the float by hand, and see if it changes. Also ensure the float isnt full of liquid, or frozen in position for some reason.

The speed sensor is screwed into the rear axle and has 3 pins. You should show 9V betwen white/black & black. When the axle is spinning you should get a 5V square signal between white/teal & black. This will show up on a decent multimeter as varying voltage as the rear wheels spin. You can jack them up and have someone spin as you test it with the meter.

Unfortunately the service manuals dont provide resistance specs for either of those sensors.

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