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14 minutes ago, T-boss 410 said:

I got one, too. But when I went to the site, it wasn't there. Mods, maybe?

We purged all these messages, so you may have gotten an email notification of a new message, but its now missing because we banned and deleted the content from both sending users.  We received over twenty reports before taking measures. Thank you everyone and sorry for this. We try and do a good job by incorporating anti-SPAM methods for prevention.

The board stays clean as we approve all new member content once, but messages can get through. One change we made this morning was to prevent the amount of messaged that can be sent per day, which for now is 10. This will hopefully prevent widespread abuse like this over the last 24 hours. 

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1 hour ago, Joe Breaux said:

anybody else getting spam /fraud  private messages on here besides me?  How do I report it?  He calls himself Maria .under ORANGE 15 name.. wants to hook up in UTVs .. con artist in Pakistan probably.. Cant ADMIN block this crap ? geesh

I got a similar message from the user Phono13.... Looks like Alex got it taken care of.

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It baffles me that anyone would fall for their con.. I know a guy from a Corvette forum that got hooked by one claiming to be hot chick from Russia.. She sent him naked pics and all. I kept telling him THATS NOT HER, its a dude conning you.. but he didnt believe me. She promised to fly to CA to see him.. I told him, wait, here it comes, I NEED $$$$  to get there.. Sure as sh&t , she  made a story up needing cash for ticket.. dumbass sent her $500 ...she never got there

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That's extremely prevalent on the internet. I get random emails like that almost daily. They always seem so innocent. But you would think that some people would be cautious, with all the red flags with any of those emails. I just delete them and move on. Maybe it's just my pessimistic view of the world.

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no site is 100%  safe.  I just got a letter this week from MCG Health LLC telling me that they  were breached and millions of us had our complete personal info stolen in March..  its out of control. Our Govt wont track them down and imprison them.  .. FBI is too busy surveilling parents who speak up against CRT and Drag Queen strip club visits in their 1st graders classes 

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