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After receiving my new 2022 Tracker 800SX LE and having only 11 miles on the engine I have had it back in the shop at Cabela's several times for repair on a major safety issue. About 30% of the time when I put the vehicle in park it does not remain in park and will roll like it is in neutral. The Cabela's store I took it to has been really helpful trying to figure out the problem but I am going on 15 total days its been in their possession and they still do not know what to do as they are waiting on the next set of instructions from Textron. I have asked for a refund at this point but they are not willing to do that yet. I have filed a BBB formal compliant and told them I paid $18,000.00 cash for this machine and expected it to function as a normal operating UTV.

Cabela's and Textron have issued a stop sale or movement of any of these vehicles due to this issue. Buyers beware, this is a serious problem and will more than likely end up in a nationwide recall. I have been told by the Cabela's Maintenance Manager that this has happened to more than one customer. I hope Cabela's comes through and does the right thing by issuing me a refund as this is unacceptable.

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I would think that there will be No refund (although there should be) any mechanical problem should be repairable - only question is cost.  There could be dispute between Cabela’s & Textron over $$, parts, blame assignment —— all affecting You the Customer.  I have a 2020 and no problems yet.  Would think Textron will want to avoid a recall due to the expense and damage to Brand reputation but a Recall would be best for the Customer because the repair will be correct and free.  Cabela’s partnership with Textron could also be at risk and that would motivate Textron to step up and Fix this issue.  I had concerns going with an “off brand” when I bought my Tracker but took the risk because the research & test drives I did on the 800sx we all very positive....and it was by far the “quietest” UTV out there.  I don’t believe any ATVs or UTVs are made to Automotive Standards - all seem somewhat 2nd rate compared to same parts etc...found on a Car.  Think about what you get on a base model Jeep Wrangler vs a top of the line UTV....price is very close.

Hope you get your Tracker repaired and Dealer does the “right thing”.  I don’t think Cabela’s is as good as they were prior to being bought by Bass Pro (quality & customer service has diminished) but they need to fix this for you.  Also, if anyone is ever injured because of this problem - both companies will be liable.

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2coil Fox,

Cabela's gave me a full refund. The local store I dealt with did such a fantastic job handling this situation I decided to buy another one. This time I went with the 2023 hoping I would not have the any more issues with it not going into park. They claim they have fixed the problem and it is no longer a safety issue. I have driven it up and down my property now a few days and had no issues. 🤞 Fingers crossed!

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I have a 2020 800SX LE and about 300 miles/50 hours with No problems so far.  I also was cautious  about buying “off brand” but the Quiet engine and overall value/price was what drove my decision.....no regrets at this point.  I don’t race this or ride hard but it does do some “work” on my property, drags a harrow over food plots, hauls tools etc...  My concern - when shifted into gear the engine must rev up before it moves and then it “snaps” into gear (nothing smooth about it).  Once running and moving it’s fine and I can mitigate this a bit by very slowly Erving engine until I feel gear engage.  Dealer told me this is a common observation and complaint from owners but Not a problem mechanically.  The belt drive transmission is commonly used in ATVs and generally highly regarded but none of my Yamaha ATVs do this as they are much smoother.  

As someone else posted - these are Not made to automotive standards but I’ve got no other complaints and had no issues in the two years 5 months I’ve owned it...the ride is great too, thatis very smooth.  One note - ..it is garage kept.

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