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Vector 500 skipping in forward gears

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, and looking for some help.  I have a 2021 Vector 500 that I purchased in July of this year brand new.  I was very careful with the break in period, following Hisuns recommendations to a tee.  The machine now has 37 hours and 589 miles on it.  It has never towed anything, and only been off roading once, but not hard, just some hill climbing and a few mudholes.  I mainly use it for cruising the back roads, and going hunting.  The other day I was running up to the gas station to fill it up with gas and I was in low range driving down my private road.  When I got to the main gravel road I stopped, shifted into hi range and went to take off.  When I hit the accelerator pedal, something popped, and it something in the drivetrain is skipping. Or so it feels.  I limped it back home, about 900' and put it in the barn.  It does this in low and hi ranges, but not in reverse.  4wd seems to help a little, but I am not confident that it's not coincidence.  At 10 hours I changed the oil with Lucas 10w40 SxS/UTV synthetic blend JASO MA2 with a factory filter.  There was some large shavings/pieces in the oil when I changed it, which I was told is normal due to the wet clutch break in and assembly.  It didn't seem right to me, but I was told not to worry about it.  I did add the dipstick extension tube, and am running 3 qts of oil.  I've tried calling 2 different shops near me that I got off of the Vector website as service centers.  One will not answer the phone or call me back, one said they don't work on Hisun anymore, so I think I'm just gonna tackle it myself.  Does anyone have any ideas on where to start?  Thanks in advance!


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Ok I did some digging on this thing this morning, as it turns out, the rear drive shaft coupler is pulling out of the rear differential.  That is what is causing the skipping.  What I don't know at this point is, what holds the coupler into the rear end.  I can push it in by hand with ease, but it pulls right back out when I let go of it.  The splines all seem to be in good condition still.


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That gear shouldn't be sticking out, when you put Greece in your driveshaft it will expand, but I got a hisun sector 550 that was put together wrong from factory. Mine had a spring behind the nut in the differential, only way to know is remove driveshaft and look at that gear, and make sure they didn't add a spring behind your nut, it will keep that gear from going all the way in. That's probably about the same amount of miles on mine before it happened to me, here's picture of bad parts, don't put the spring behind the nut if yours has one behind it.


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Your welcome, if you look what you got sticking out, it's about a perfect match to mine gear you see what was sticking out. Should still be under warranty, hisun will give you the parts for free if you take it back where you bought it. But could take months before you get it back. Those two pieces isn't that expensive. But hisun knows some utvs went out that way. I bought mine in 2019 I would of thought that problem wouldn't happen on new models. I got 5900 miles on my now and it's running good, just had to adjust valves last week because they got tight.

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I took the coupler out of the rear end but removing the two bolts that hold the rear end in, and sliding it back just a little bit.  There was a strong spring behind the coupler, a lot stronger than the spring on the drive shaft itself.  I put the stronger spring on the drive shaft, flipped the coupler around so the good teeth are to the rear of the machine.  I now have full engagement.  Heading for a test drive now.

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Axis 500 2022 made December of 2021 with kinda the same issue but on the reverse end of the rear drive shaft. The transmission side.


Earlier today went for a 70ish mile ride. Some thru hill trails but nothing serious. Got back home just fine.


Was a warm night for the 1st week on November 69° so wife and I took out for one final night ride of the year. Was going up dirt hill and started making a popping and grinding noise. Had to put in neutral and back down to a driveway to turn around. Wouldn't pull out. Had to kick in the front axle. Drove back home by front axle pulling us 3-4 miles. Once home had wife put it in reverse so I could see what was happening. The driveshaft wasn't spinning. Just moving back and forth about 1/8 of an inch.


From diagram looks like part 46 is a coupler also.  I don't have a local shop and seen a request form for a mobile tech on the axis website.



Submitted the for and will see what happens.

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