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Hisun Axis 500 Fuel gauge fault

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Thank you for admitting me to your forum. I have an issue with my Hisun Axis 500. I bought this vehicle last week, the fuel gauge was totally in good condition. Now it no longer indicates the fuel level. There is no longer any current supplying the gauge. I checked the fuses, everything is fine.


The connections seems ok.


Any idea? 



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I ran the vehicle for at least an hour, may be more. The gauge did'nt change. Still the same, no white bars have'nt change. May be you're right, i dont know about this UTV. I'll keep wondering for the result. One thing for sure, I will carry a tank of gasoline in case of running on empty.



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I would keep an eye on it, but at this point you can't really tell if it's not working. There are 6 bars, and almost 8 gallons so it should be something like 1.3 gal/bar assuming the gauge is linear. Most gas gauges tend not to be, in my experience, at least in cars. I have not tried to check the accuracy of my Hisun's gauge.

For trail riding these things should get pretty decent gas mileage, I'm guessing around 20 MPG, so a full tank should be like 150 miles on that machine.

Idling should burn <0.5 GPH.

So you may not have burned much more than a gallon anyway.

Post an update when you burn some more and let us know if it's still having issues.

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