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Ok, I'm pretty new at forums, could you tell me where to find the pinned ones?

You said you found them in your PM, they are always the first several posts and they don't drop down as new posts show up so they are alway there and get pinned because they are considered important.


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You said you found them in your PM, they are always the first several posts and they don't drop down as new posts show up so they are alway there and get pinned because they are considered important.


I know I am new, but I like them right where they are at. It were the pinned topics, and the knowledgeable member, that attracted me to the site. Whatever you do don't delete any of the informational stuff on this forum. The simplest thing might be common knowledge to some, but will be helpful to newbies like me.

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Admin knows we value the info and space is provided. Those topics, pinned, have been up for a couple of years. Only if there is a accidental failure would we lose the info and that is why a few of us keep printed copies. We have 99% of the info at all times in printed form as backup just in case.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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      2018 Polaris RZR 4 Turbo Super clean On Ebay

    • By aefron88
      I've seen a number of requests for the location of all the grease points on these machines, and there is no definitive list in the manual. This covers the UT400, but other Coleman/Hisun models should be similar.
      First to grease your machine you need a grease gun and some NLGI#2 grease. You will find it helpful to buy a needle attachment as pictured here, due to poor clearance on some of the U-joints. The rest of the zerks use the standard attachment.
      Wipe any dirt/grease off the zerk before greasing to prevent pushing gunk inside and causing excess wear.
      Push the grease gun on the zerk at a straight angle and give it a few pumps. You will hear an oozing noise or sea grease coming out from the outside of the greased area when you've put enough grease in, a few pumps should be plenty.
      If it's just oozing around the zerk you either don't have a good seat with the gun, or the zerk may be rusted and the check ball frozen. Try seating it again and regrease.
      Wipe up any excess grease when youre done to prevent making a mess.

      Rear A-Arms are greasable with the wheels on from the rear, I took the picture with the wheel off for easier visibility

      That's it. All other Hisuns should be substantially similar.
    • By cnapierala
      We have 2.4 acres of forested mountain property with about 1000' of gravel driveway to plow and maintain.  My trailer is a Silverwing SW9f 5'x9' and we would really like to have something that seats 3 people.  I looked at Polaris, Yamaha, Can-AM, Kawasaki and so far the only thing that fits the bill is the Polaris Ranger 570 full size. 
      Just wondering if anyone else has ideas of other options new or used that would fit this?  I really like my trailer and it will be great to use behind the UTV also when i get it so i hate to have to get something different.
      Thank you!
    • By paraord
      Hey guys,

      While installing the High lifter lift kit in my 2015 Mule 4010 I nicked the piston, strut rod, the shiney rod in the middle that I cant remember the name (no coffee yet this morning). I knew the nick was deep enough to eventually tear up the seal and she'd let loose. Well 3 months or so down the road here we are, its blown out. 
      My question is how do I know which strut I have? I see 2 listed in the exploded 45023-1006 and the 45023-7503. The difference is the spring rate or K value. Seeing as I have high lifter springs does it matter the K value? And if that's the case can I use any of the 45023 prefix struts from various other models? 

      Thanks all,
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      I just replaced the OEM Discovery batteries in my 2017 E1 with Trojan T-105's.   The dealer reprogrammed the charger for these batteries.    I use the E1 almost constantly around my farm,  but seldom put more than a  a few miles a day on the rig.   As I don't need long range, it was recommended I stay with lead acid batteries as the cost became a significant factor.    My question is it is better for the batteries to charge my E1 every night or to run it a week or so and take the charge down  a ways before recharging.
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