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Need trooper cv outer ball cage


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MauyThaui 1, I haven't talked to you for a long time. The last time was when that jerk from Texas ripped me off for the front diff. did you switch to 930's? I am changing to to 930''s myself and need two inner cv's from the stock axles or 2 complete axles. If you still have 2 axles and are willing to ship ( I will pay shipping of course) please let me know. If they will print my email here it is [email protected]om . 

   Thanks, Jim

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2scoops, I need two of the inner cv housings if you come across some axles that are in really good shape or even new maybe we can work out some kind of deal? If I can't find some inners in a couple of months I will be forced to buy 2 new axles and take them apart for the inners, unless I can find an inner that isn't joyner that will fit. The inners on T2's are 32 spline and so far I haven't been able to find anything that fits.

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Sorry I haven't checked in for quite awhile (waiting for snow to melt). I have an inner cv housing, but it's Tiny! I have ordered two replacement axles now and both of them have been different sizes from original (2008 model). The first one came from Joyner USA which was smaller in diameter than original less splines and really unimpressive and the second I found on ebay which it larger but the inner bell was shorter! That doesn't work with my moded suspension. So frustrating. Send me the dimensions you are in need of and I'll see if I have anything that will work. Apparently Joyner has changed design or vendors over the years. 

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I have been out of touch with everyone for a long time could not be helped. I am still looking for 2 inner cv's for the 2008 trooper.  The inner cv is about 4.75 to 5 inch's long and the stub axle it fits on is 1.3" od with 32 splines.         All I need is 2 inner cv's , I will be cutting them down so I can use just the part that fits on the stub axle.  They must be new or in very good condition nothing worn out. The tires you have on your buggy in the picture what are they  are the LT style or UTV tires? Tires and wheels are the final purchase to finish mine off.

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