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Do Joyner troopers have a ob2 port anywhere..??

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Seems like most off road companies put the part you'll sooner or later need to get to in the most impossible to reach places.....

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I have one on my 2015, but only the factory built reader can read it, the early Troopers didn't have one, but if you need one and know how to hack into the system, you can get the information of the computer, the computer pin out is in Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners ........, it's pinned

My tire is a General Grabber AT2 27x8.50 R14 95Q 6PR OWL   http://ssl.delti.com.../GRABBERAT2.jpg  I like it because I do a lot of pavement and it works off road as well any thing else.

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