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Tomorrow I'll hook my compression gauge up to it and see where it's at.

Probably once Christmas break starts I'll work on installing it.

But it kicks over in about a second and a half.


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Sounds llike you won't have to worry about that ignition coil just yet. But I'll bet there's at least one belt that could be changed, while you've got some easy access.

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Sound quality isnt good on my tablet. It sounds better in person.

How long does it/should it take piston rings to seal? asking since ive heard many opinion on that.

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The break in on a motor, seems to be based on the size of the motor. I've never heard it said that way, but it seems like it's less for a smaller engine. I've known many people over the years who've taken pains to be careful to stick to the break in procedure. Also those who used a "drive it like you stole it" approach. The stole it bunch won hands down every time, in performance. Because of this, I've always just changed the oil, and adjusted valves, and called it good. 

But I have to add, that a friend, and I had identical motorcycles once. One particular red light saw the perfect opportunity to see who's bike was faster. We both bought brand new, and the same year model. I'd really stuck to the break in recommendations. He was a no maintenance, drive it as fast as possible guy...and I was kinda surprised to see him leave me behind like I had a flat tire.

So I don't think I'd worry about it too much. Just don't get crazy, and there'll be no problem.

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I usually drive only around 10 MPH anyway sometimes 15.

 I know our local small engine guru said not to put a load on it for a little while, as in loading the bed with 5 or 6 50 pound feed sacks, and dont rev it up for long periods.

 I'll just take it nice and   s    l   o  w.

 how long should i wait for oil change/  i know with break in oil you changer sooner than regular maintenance.

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Got it back in the Mule, electric hooked up, stupid cosmetic covers out on, air filter hooked up, just need to put the gas tank in, and put the pulleys on.

I finally called it a day after bending over for the 10 billionth time.

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