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Stock amount of travel


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Is it possible to chance the angle and placment of the stock shock to give more travel ? how much would I be looking at for a set of aftermarket shocks ? what is prefered Fox or King ? one dealer said they deal with king and the others have no clue wha to use

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Flatbed & myself are using Fox. Travel is limited to the critical failure angle of the Axle CV joint. Joyner took the joints nearly as far as you can. You can get a little more travel by lowering the diff as Flatbed did and I am doing. There was a little more travel not being used in the compression mode. By lowering the diff so the axle CV joint is in a more neutral position you can add a little more travel, not much. Flatbed will have to share what he has found. I will not be complete until late Jan. King is a good shock but no one until Flatbed has done actual testing. We are both using Fox so that is the only data so far. I am working with Simon at OffRoad Warehouse located on Balboa in San Diego. They have a website, Visit offroad Website

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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How much are youseeing a stock trooper cycle ? I have read 8 on here, but was told differently before. are there any tricks to increase travel , relocating shocks or something ?

I carefully messured My front suspension and was getting 6-3/4" to 7" on my T2. That is allowing the shock to fully compress before the spring is fully compressed and bottomed out. If the spring is adjusted more than aprox. 2" from the top of the threads to the top of the spring, the spring will bottom before the shock. I remounted my shocks both top and bottom to new locations. I now have aprox. 9-3/4" of travel on the front, I also run about 250lbs of nitrogen and 20 weight shock oil. So far I am real happy buthavn't fully tuned it in yet. I do that when both the front and rear are done. If I lower the front differental, I can increase this by maybe another 2" which I may do later.

My rear travel measures to have a total of aprox 9-3/4" of travel. eCurrently I have just finished lowering my read dif. The large sleeve covering the CV joint closest to the dif. is now 1/16" above the frame tubing. The axel will collide with the trailing link suspension arm befor the CV joint reaches it's lower useable limit. Even though I haven't moved my shocks yet, It looks like I can expect to get aprox. 13" of travel when I done. If I need extra spring compression rate, I'll first try increasing the nitrogen charge or else I can fairly easily go to a heavier spring. By lowering the dif. this much, I had to build a new skid plate under it.


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On my rear susp my axles are rubbing the trailing arms when they are in full drop, and also when fully compressed. I have relieved the arms so that i can get the most out of the cv's. I am going to replace the rear cv's boots only so i can see the cv's, and what the end of the axles look like. I would like to put longer rear axles in. with longer axles you would probably get 18" of travel in the back.

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