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Joyner Trooper T2 Register in Arizona


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I just purchased a Joyner Trooper T2.  Does anyone know if it can be registered to use on the roads in Arizona?  It has the street legal stuff like mirrors and turn signals.  It also has catalyst and air sensor.  I tried to get it insured and insurance told me "it's a dune buggy".   We don't insure dune buggies!   The title, which I can't get changed until the 28th of July (appointment issues) shows Joyne  ATV.  I really enjoy the Trooper and it fills the bill for what my wife and I were looking for.   

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  • Alex changed the title to Joyner Trooper T2 Register in Arizona

AZ is more lenient for registering rides for street legal use. Certainly can.  My ride is. Even though the safety stuff is required, they didn't inspect my machine to see if I did have them (I do).  No emissions test required (Maricopa Co).  Can register for up to 5 years.  Get an OHV tag also if you plan on trail riding.  I have libility insurance with Nationwide.  I opted for liability only since I don't ride very often.  The problem with insurance companies and even state DMVs is they can't understand that a OHV / ATV are closer to automobiles than motorbikes.  And UTVs are not ATVs.  As a contrast, NY requires all UTVs and ATVs to be registered even though you will use it exclusively on your own property and they cannot be registered as stree legal.

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PS, I was able to get a title online over the phone. You have to set up an MVD Now account. Once set up you can send and receive your documents via the account. You call MVD and they will walk you through the process. It took almost 2 hours for someone to answer the phone so I called while sitting by the phone at work. Once I got connected the agent promised to stay with me until the process was completed.

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33 minutes ago, Neil Wilson said:

I got insurance through Nationwide. They classified it as a dune buggy. The premium for minimal liability is about $113/year. Mine is street legal in AZ. You need horn, brake lights, license plate light and mirrors to be legal.

I have Nationwide, too.

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