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I went with the DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20, came with Topo 6.0, They are upto to PN-40 & Topo 7.0 now. I plan the trip on my computer and upload it to the gps. I haven't used garmin enough to compare, but I'm generally happy with what I got & I rigged my buggy up so it charged while driving. You can also save your routes and trails for revue later and compare to google earth.

2787693400104282158MUEwNs_th.jpg 2638755400104282158dSSbEJ_th.jpg

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Don't know if you've been here or not http://shop.delorme.com/OA_HTML/PN20/image...arisonChart.pdf, I'd like to get the pn 40 but $$$ & wife say no, the screen is 1.4" wide & 1.7" tall.

I believe they are the same physically, different colors, & PN-40 is more capable.

Also, I recommend the RAM holder with the suction cup & the rechargeable lithium batteries

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