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I am afraid you have something else going on. Usually if your oil is too thick you will blow the oil filter off. I have run 50 weight kendall in the race cars, you just have to let them warm up. You are either getting alot of blow-by or you have some sort of blockage or oil leak, if oil is coming out off the canistar it is not from too much oil preasure. You have something else going on. If the crank case is not able to breath or release preasure (not oil preasure) it will start get air preasure in the block and start pushing out where ever it can. Make sure you crank case is ventalating.

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I changed my oil to Mobil 1 10w30. It is not blowing oil now. It seams to be venting just fine. When it happened i was running only about 10 minutes I drove it about 30 on Tuesday and it was just fine no oil blowing out any were. Hopefully this will take care of it but I will keep a close eye on it.

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I just ran my engine with the oil cap off, I could fell a even pulse coming out, no smoke at all, when i covered it with my hand i got a slight film of oil on my hand with very little or no preasure build up. Hope this helps you out. There should be a vacum line coming of the intake with a pcv valve to keep preasure out of your crank case.

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I just ran my engine with the oil cap off, I could fell a even pulse coming out, no smoke at all, when i covered it with my hand i got a slight film of oil on my hand with very little or no preasure build up.

About the same happened to me when I pulled the breather filter off, I figured that maybe the oil mist was collecting on the filter and with the weight of the chrome cover, maybe the oil was running out instead of back into the separator. So I took a coke bottle and heated it up so it shrunk down to seal around the filter to make a damn so the oil had to go back in, instead of out. So far so good, I also put a hose back on that was loose, the one from the valve cover to the intake manifold.


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