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Tire wear & lifespan?


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Hello all,

Curious as to other's experience with tire wear and life. The OEM "UTV" tractor tires on my 2020 Hisun HS400 have shed  1/8"+ of tread in just 720 miles. They are Wanda brand, 25x10-12 in the back and 25x8-12 up front.

Looked like this new:


Like this now w/720 miles:


I had not expected 10k miles, however at this rate I'll be lucky to get 2500.

I bought a set of Maxxis tires (same sizes) with wheels for $200, OEM take-offs from a new Honda ATV--so they will be a "bolt-on" replacement when the time comes--What experience are others having with OEM tire life?


Maxxis Honda ATV OEM rear tires:

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Ya the OE wanda tires on mine wore fast too. One even came from the factory with a major hop to it. Just replaced one of them w one w same tread pattern now gonna have to replace the other one too since there is such a height difference it pulls hard to the left bad. 

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