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Merry Christmas


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Well I am just working away on boats, I picked up a new hobby, racing rc cars and trucks, I have managed to squeez 3.75hp out of my 0.21 CID engine on 30% nitro, so that's been keeping me busy, also we had another addition to the family 2 months ago so that takes up the rest of my free time. Other than that life's great on my end, how about everyone else?

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Wow, that's 3.44cc or 1.09hp per cc. Lets see, my Trooper is 1083cc so that would be 1180hp. That's better then the double A fuel dragsters. I could lite up all 4 wheels with that kind of power, in 5th. RC cars are pretty neat and with that kind of power they must be real extream. We have missed you on the board but we are all still one big happy family. Things for me have been good. Building a new roll cage and have changed my fenders a bit, added carbon fibre racing seats and a glass windshield (rear window of a 1972 Maverick, It will be a whole new look. Won't have pics until March. Still a work in progress.


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Ford product on a Joyner? Well there is at least one part that will be reliable :) I will grab some photos and vid of my truck after it stops raining and dries up a bit. I have been experimenting with mixing my own fuel, turning out well so far, although my garage work shop looks like a mad scientist was turned loose in there

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Do you use methenol in your mixture to help keep things cool. I did that when I was running nitro in my motorcycle hillclimber, a stretched out and stripped down 750 cc Triumph pushing about 115hp.. It backfired once when trying to start it and broke the cylinder head off at its base. Wild stuff that nitro.


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Yes methanol and nitro and a special mix of oils 30% nitro, 61% methanol, 9% oil. I bought a used motor, and when it comes in I am going to shim the head to lower compression a bit, go 2 steps colder on the plug, then try a 45% nitro 48% methanol, and 7% oil mix, since it is not my race motor, if it blows the rod out the bottom, not a big deal, but if things work well then I will work it on over to the other engine.

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Rc vehicles are a blast .... I have owned and raced cars from 1/12th thru 1/4 scale. On road and off road. Even had a elec motorcycle in there somewhere.

Currently have 1/6 scale rc tank thet shoots paintballs and a couple 1/16 scale tanks that shoot airsoft.

Merry Christmas to all.

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      In case i forget, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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