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Has anyone been able to plate a T-Boss or other?

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I was wondering if anyone has plated one of these machines in any state.  I'm in FL and am going to try to plate my T-Boss 550x Golf.  Talked to a State Trooper who said it's absolutely plateable the way it sits and also talked to my insurance company and they said the same.  I'm not sure what they will consider this type of machine, a golf cart or low speed vehicle.  Their are different stipulations for both.  I'll keep this thread updated once I get an inspection.




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14 hours ago, Rocket said:

Put a "FARM USE" tag on mine.  That covers it all and no taxes.

that could work, same for Texas, not sure about VA, but the only thing is it MUST be  being used for farm work, not joy riding .

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I checked here.. You need $25K liability insurance, a Safety inspection sticker  [  means you need lights, signals, brake lights,  seat belts, wipers,  horn]  and pay fees for license plate and registration to operate as Low Speed Vehicle on rural roads 35mph zone or less 

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      Hey guys just bought a 07 trooper. Previous owner stated it ran great etc prior to clutch job then had issues. I drained tank, replaced plugs etc. found one of the injectors connectors was not connected and plugged it in. Solid 50psi fuel pressure.  It starts easier than previously on 3 cylinders but still runs very very poorly. I’m thinking the sound I’m hearing is it detonating at around 3k. It kinda sputters and falls apart. Sounds like clicking or something when it happens. I am at a bit of a loss, compression is a solid 150psi across the board with no movement. Verified spark and now am assuming all injector are functioning more or less correct as if I unplug any one it sound terrible at idle. 
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      Greetings all!  
      Purchased a 2021 T-Boss X-Golf 550 about three weeks ago and am having a blast with this thing!  It's a very capable and well built machine. 
      I've put 30 hours and 400 miles on it so far.  I've really put it through its paces too.  Been tearing around the sand dunes, climbing very considerable hills with no problem, tore through some light mud and even hauled around a couple adults around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!
      Did my after break-in service and am using Lucas oil for oil changes and differential changes.  The manual calls for 15w40 but couldn't find any so after speaking to Massimo the said 10w40 Lucas atv oil was fine.
      Anyhow, I've done the "cooling fan jumper wire" mod almost right away.  I've also installed an overhead stereo system that looks like it belongs in there stock along with some LED's.  I have an underglow kit and light bar I'll be adding during the Christmas break so I'll add pics once those are installed.  
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