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T 2 with Fox shocks


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I just got the front shocks mounted on the trooper, the 8.5s fit under the hood, i was kinda of worried that i was going to have to trim a hole for the shock tower. I ended up cutting the tube that goes across the hood and the uprights out. The new shock tower just uses the center of the frame, so there is no cross bar in the hood. I keep the shocks at the same angles as stock, just made the upper mount taller and of course closer together because they tilt towards each other. The centers on the upper shock mount bolts are 10". I have added kickers and braces so it is plenty strong. I have to shorten the fenders because the tires will now come up and hit them. The susp is so soft that i can put a 16" block under one front wheel and all the tires stay on the ground. I now have 250 over 400s on the front with 30 over 35 on the valving. Drove it around some today, the trooper feels alot different.

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Sounds pretty neat. You'll be ready for Baja. I'm still working on redoing my rear suspension. I was lookin at the front fender and at first glance it looks like the fender could be trimmed where it goes under the frame tubing and bolts on. It could then be repositioned above the tubes and anchored to new welded on tabs. Looks like a couple of inches could be gained without loosing any of the fenders outreach.

I have planed for some time now to redesign the fenders and make them out of fibreglass. I'll make them higher, probably 4" or 5" higher in the rear and wider to help catch slinging dirt. I'll probably not get to it until spring. It does require making molds but once made, it's fairly easy to also pull parts for others.

Looking forward to seeing your pics.


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sorry guys, no pictures tonight, Don,t know what i am going to do about the fenders yet, I also looked at moving the fender up, but i still think i would hit if i did something bad. i thought of triming the backs and just moving them in, but damn these things can throw the mud. I like your idea of the fender with a bump in it where the tire comes up. When i drove it yesterday the susp felt good, the front would dive when you hit the brakes, and rise when you were on the throutle. Just setting still and turning the wheel the corners would dive so i think i am close with the springs, I still have to see how the shock valving does on the bumps. I think i am going to the new years race at plaster city so i should know then. Hopefuly i get off earlier tommorow so i can post pictures.

2619665190104282158YqBURG_th.jpg 2276660330104282158fNuxmW_th.jpg 2724677100104282158gIifQT_th.jpg 2059629230104282158EDKmgo_th.jpg 2434824960104282158mQuvlz_th.jpg

Click on picture to open album

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Kinarfi has help me out and posted the pictures in trooperfolk. He voiced consern about the cross bar no longer being there. In the pictures you notice that the top of the shock tower is not supported side to side. What i plan on doing is after i get the storagebox built behind the shock tower i am going to run braces back to the outside corners of the dash from the shock tower to keep the tower and frame from wanting to bend back or sideways, making the frame stronger. I will use 3/4" tubing as to keep the weight down.

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I wish i had more time, i could probably make up some kits that some one else could weld on. You have to be carefull because these joyner tube frames are not square. What i did on the front was make sure i was at the bottom of the susp stroke, when i rased the front of the car up to get the old shocks off. get the bolts loose so they come out free . You have to turn the steering both ways with the front wheels of the ground, feel the axle as it rotates and make sure there is no bind, keep raising the frame with the wheels just blocked off the ground untill you feel the axle start to bind, lower the frame back down until it is free. you have to have the steering turned all the way to one side, and than check the other side. Once you have this done you take the lower shock mount off and weld new tabs with 1/2" holes the distance of the shock hiem and 2 spacers. mount the lower shock mount and then start fabing the top mounts. You have to cut the upper mount out. The pictures show how i did it and that is plenty strong. If you can wait awhile i can probably make the upper shock mount set-up. I don,t think it matters what shock you use as long as it is a good shock. The 2 spring set up is the way to go, 8" tender with a 10 primary spring. The trooper becomes a totaly different car. I took it out yesterday and it climbs better than it did before and we know how these things climb. There is no comparison with the ride, The wife and her boobs are very happy.

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Took the trooper out this week-end for a short ride, drove into some rough stuff pretty hard and it took it fine, very pleased with how it feels. I am starting to hinge the hood now and build a storage box. I had quite a mess going redoing the wiring and re running the hydrolic lines to get the area behind the shock tower clear so that there was nothing above the frame, so that the storage box will be able to set flat. I am also thinking of putting a reserve tank up there to, a small one for those long rides.

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Talking about a shock and spring package, I have given the numbers off what i have. I need to get some hours on my set-up to see what it feels like once the springs take a set. They always give up a little after they have been used. Let me be the ginny pig so you don"t end up buying extra springs or having to get your shocks revalved. What i have is very close, but we might be able to make it beter.

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Ok, i finally got the weights on the trooper T 2, seems like i have my own little post going here, Hope i am not offending anyone. Anyway i weighed each axle buy them selfs. front axle first, then the back. I had seprate scales.

left front 380lbs right front 380lbs

left rear 480lbs right rear 520lbs

Total weight 1,760

The way i weighed the car, put both front tires on separate scales and then jacked the rear of the car up in the center so the rear springs could not put any cross weight in the car. Did the oppsite for the rear. The car was full of fuel with no extras on it. No spare tire. No one sitting in the car. When you sit in the car, I am 6' and weigh 210bs. 105lbs went to the back and 105lbs went to the front. The cars are balanced better than what i though. I will have the scales here this week-end, if i have time i will try to get un susp weights.

GO SAN DIEGO CHARGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, i finally got the weights on the trooper T 2, seems like i have my own little post going here, Hope i am not offending anyone. Anyway i weighed each axle buy them selfs. front axle first, then the back. I had seprate scales.

You may feel like you're posting alone, but I bet EVERYONE is reading and taking notes, I am!

Keep the photos coming.


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finally got to put some miles on the trooper, the front felt pretty good, I think it is alittle soft on the tender spring. I am going to pull the 350 out of the rear and put it in front to replace the 300. That will give me 350 over 400 on the front, the shock valving felt good so i will leave it alone. The rear is to soft, i am going to get 450"s and put them over the 600 in back. The 350"s arent really doing much, when you pitch the car it wants to lay over, so it starts steering itself, the back needs to be stiffer. Also i am going to stiffen the rebound on the shock, it wants to buck when you are hitting the whoops, not bad but it is doing it. The shocks are 100% better than stock, the ride is very good but it can be better. I hit some spots i would have been on my lid before.

I also had a lower ball joint come out while climbing a very steep hill. My son was watching and said it came out just as i started up the hill. How the cv joint did not come apart i do not know because i was reving in 2nd gear all the way up the hill. What i noticed when i looked to see what happened is the shank on the bolt does not go through the grove on the ball joint. The bolt was still tight but the bolt is not big enough to lock the end in. I am going to drill mine out to the next size bigger bolt, run the bolt all the way through with a nut on the outher end so the shank of the bolt is in the grove. If this happened while going fast you could find yourself in not to good a spot.

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