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2019 Massimo MSU 400 Burn rubber smell

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I just bought a 2019  MSU 400 w/ 700 miles.  I got it home yesterday and noticed a faint rubber burning smell.  I can't track it down.  I'm on dirt so its not tires and pavement.  Parking brake is off.  Temp on the machine appears fine.  Thx for any suggestions   I thought maybe belt but I'm not racing nor going but a mile or two.   

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i would start it up, or turn the key ON, and feel of any hot wires you can reach, such as the main + battery cable, to be sure there isn't a short burning the coating off a wire.

also check for any thing that may have fell on the muffler/exhaust pipe.

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On 1/4/2021 at 5:36 PM, T-boss 410 said:

Could it be the drive belt?

BINGO.. thats my bet 

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      Hey guys just bought a 07 trooper. Previous owner stated it ran great etc prior to clutch job then had issues. I drained tank, replaced plugs etc. found one of the injectors connectors was not connected and plugged it in. Solid 50psi fuel pressure.  It starts easier than previously on 3 cylinders but still runs very very poorly. I’m thinking the sound I’m hearing is it detonating at around 3k. It kinda sputters and falls apart. Sounds like clicking or something when it happens. I am at a bit of a loss, compression is a solid 150psi across the board with no movement. Verified spark and now am assuming all injector are functioning more or less correct as if I unplug any one it sound terrible at idle. 
      A note, I tapped plugs at .7 manual called for .9-1.1 but that seems super over doing it but I will try adjusting them to 1.0
      additionally I’ve noticed the fan in rear doesn’t turn on. 
      anyone with any help I will be in your debt.
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    • By 10point
      Hi Out there in UTV land .
       I am attempting to repair my buddies Massimo 400 he bought new from tractor supply in 2011.
      Before I make the repairs I am trying to locate a service repair manual that covers a 2011 MSU 400 carbureted, (NOT EFI). 
      He has  done few repairs and only changed oil on occasion. LOL
      It has so many issues it hard to know where to start.  The big issue is when its warm it refuses to start unless it cools down to cold.
      Other wise it acts like its flooded, I have checked for spark when it doesn't start and that's good.
      First when I brought it home it needed a good power washing ,so I could actually see the power train,
      I removed all the belly pans, also to replace the park brake cable, which has not arrived yet.
                My next step was to locate a missing shifter cable bracket bolt , the bracket was moving and not allowing to shift into reverse.
       Its much better, but the shifter lever bushing are so wore its still causing a cable travel  issue that I need to fine tune.
      The front axle bearing are loose and the RF caliper is hung up .
       So I ordered  the rear center caliper and the 2 front calipers with new pads, and the 2 front seals and wheel bearings,all from E bay.
       Hoping I can clean up the discs instead of buying new , limited budget and he only runs it around his property.
      Currently I am making a list of the original fuel lines and vacuum line, what a maze those lines are.
       I would buy them from Massimo, but all there items are out of stock, 14 days at the earliest., besides the don't list fuel and vacuums lines,
      Some fuel lines are smaller on one end and much larger on the carb bowl.
       I am doing this as a favor because it was just sitting in his shed, and he has done many favors for me in the past and is the best hunting buddie anyone could wish for.
       So I really want get his UTV operational again, I have been researching for 2 weeks off and on , wish I would have got on to this site the first night,
      Hope someone out there  has some positive news about a manual.
      I contacted the UTV guy on eBay 3 times as of tonight he has not given me an answer on the years  covered  for the manuals he has listed .
       So far in the time I have been search , think I would buy another brand, the parts seem hard to find .
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks for reading ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           10 Point
    • By blacktrain
      2014 Massimo MSU 400 idles perfect, runs ok up to half speed.  From half speed if you step down on the gas pedal all the way engine dies.  Engine is fuel injected, the map sensor, and the throttle body idle control sensor, and the fuel injector have been replaced.  Also the fuel pump was removed and fuel pressure is ok, and fuel was checked for water.  Air box and air filter have been cleaned, also replaced spark plug.  From a dead stop if you step right down on the gas pedal all the way it dies, if you baby it, and go easy it will run ok until about half throttle, then after that it will  die as you start to push down more on the throttle for top speed.  Any ideas?  I appreciate anyone's help...

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