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Running Rough, overheating and hello :)


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Hey guys, first would just like to say after reading through most of the posts here that this seems like a real good forum

with alot of friendly, helpful people which is great to see and would like to say thanks to the people who pointed me here. Cheers guys.

I purchased my 09 Trooper T2 about 2 months ago and finally took it out in the bush last weekend with a heap of other guys on bikes.

I found something quite amusing as the day progressed, to start with the guys were all sorta giving me a hard time about the trooper with

smart remarks such as "sure you dont want to just help out around here on the farm carting some hay bails around" then as the day went

by and the trooper made it through some of the roughest tracks, rutts, hills and river crossings they all stoped there remarks and all showed

some real interest in it. B) As if im gona let them have a drive hahahhaha

I did have a couple of problems however, the aircleaner blocked up BAD and i dusted the engine, now I have had it running today and I know its

early days but it has not shown any signs as yet of valve or ring damage so fingers crossed. I modified the air intake so it is now positioned in the

cab after seeing the mod here hopfully not to late.

Ever since I first started the engine she has had a intermittent miss at idle and has just got worse, now I might be a bit premature in posting as I

havent changed plugs or checked the leads I just thought I would see if anyone else has had this problem.

She also has been running over half tempature and I checked the mounting of the fan and spaced it out about an inch so it uses more of the rad

core which has helped but still runs over half, should I try another sensor?

I noticed that the drive shaft from the box to the front diff was missing the grease nipples on the uni joins and the grease after it warmed up started

to throw out, so if anyone has purchased a new one make sure you check that out.

Has anyone had any problems with there seat webbing coming out, I had to strip my seat and bend all of the clips after one hard ride.

Should i maybe drink less beer or is this common lol.. Please even if it isnt some one lie and tell me its happened to them. :rolleyes:

Do you guys mind if I post in some older topics? I know some forums frown upon reviving older threds.



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It's OK to post in older topics, I do.

Seats, no problem but we are both on the smaller side & very light drinkers. LOL!

Sooner of later the front drive shaft is going to be a problem. There are NO U-joint grease fittings but there is a single fitting on on the support bearing between the seats under the cover.

Temp runs middle of the gauge and climbs with max RPMs. I slow down when it climbs too much, who needs to run 60+ mph in the dirt all the time!

No miss here. I would talk to my dealer, soon as you are still under warranty.

Don't like the dust and stay out of it; also am solo riding most of the time. I go out after a rainstorm most of the time, YES we get big time monsoon thunder storms here in AZ. Another solution is being the leader. SOOOO, no problem here. I was looking at a better grade air cleaner element at the Speed Shop last Friday.

Good luck,

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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The uni joints at the front and rear do actually have grease nipple holes in the caps which is

where the grease was coming out from, the holes initially were covered with paint, i will see

if they are threaded tomorrow and let you know.

The temp even at idle is over half, again tomorrow I will check the raidiator at the inlet, outlet

and down the cores with a heat gun to see if there is anything wrong.

Its been running a little bit wierd ever since i got it, lol its like me MOODY :P

Today when I took it for a run I noticed when I gave it full throttle in 3rd or 4th from around 2500rpm

that it was really lacking in power and then all of the sudden it was like hitting band in a 2 stroke the power

was there which it hasnt been like before.

I think I will take you advice and get in contact with the dealer, unfortunatly the dealer is close to 1000km

away which is going to make this process quite hard.. Oh well life isnt ment to be easy... not for me anyway :D

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Hello Quacks first welcome. I run hot most of the time I tend to run it pretty hard and have maxed out the gauge and had the light on a few times. I moved my rad up on the rear of the safari rack and it helped a lot but as rocmoc pointed out is now vulnerable in a roll over. And Joyner says the sending unit is not calibrated to the gauge right but I have never checked it.

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Hey, I had the same thing with the u joints and yes the holes are threaded but are a fine thread so you need a short fine threaded nipple or the hammer in type but definitely put in nipples and keep them greased the u-joints are cheap and seem to crap out. as for the lack of power mine seems that way too around 4000 rpm it kicks ass right? the motor is a 1L and aren't known for being torque monsters as far as I know. someone correct me if im wrong.

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Hi Quacks and welcome to the group. Your right, this is a great bunch of people. There are some real smart and clever people on here. One thing I really like is not seeing any bashing EVER. Be sure you apply filter oil to your air filter, my Trooper had none when I got it from the dealer. Fine dust will get through the dry filter. As far as your missing problem goes, I would call Joyner directly seeing as your dealer is so far away. I've never talked to them but read from others that they are real good about helping. You might want to download the owners and parts manual from their site too. It's so so but you still should have it.


When you spaced out your radiator, did you close the gap around the outter peremeter with foam or whatever? On mine the fan inside shroud was real long. Stock it was only 3/16" away from the radiator. I not only moved my radiator out but also cut about, If I remember correctly, 3/4" off the shroud. There are 2 different shrouds. Mine was long, the Troopers at my dealers were about 3/4" shorter so maybe they caught this problem. The members here have done a lot of different things to their Troopers. You will find a lot of great mods and fixes if you go back as far as you can. There are a few things that are real safty issues that should be fixed before any more driving.

Good luck and again welcome :D


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on the problem with the seats, we have one that has just been used for test drives and when I had the seat up to clean, noticed that 4 straps had come loose. Looks like a bad design to me, the clips on the straps go straight up and I think they should have been on the top of the bar. Called our rep. and he sent a whole new seat.

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I thought it was a dry filter too. Then I heard of someone who damaged their engine because dirt got past the filter. So I pulled mine and looked. Sure enough there was a trace of very very fine dust powder on the walls of the tube just after the filter. Have not noticed any difference in preformance but immediately went out and purchased a nice big double foam filter and oiled it real heavy with sticky filter oil. When I mentioned it to my dealer, he said "oh yha, they need to be oiled to work" I'm thinking, thanks a lot for telling me now and why wasn't it oiled when I received it to begin with. That IS his responsibility when preping it. Is also read the complete owners manual and it didn't say anything about oiling the filter or I missed it but don't think so.


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The way I oil my filter is

1 dip in gas to break down the oil

2 wash the gas and oil and dirt out using dish soap and a garden hose and rinse well

3 blow air through it with my shop vac and suck air through it too

4 after it's dry, dip in clean gas that has sticky filter oil in it and let it air dry, rotate a little at first.

5 Snorkel it and get it up out of the dirt. 2884155420104110397fCkKcQ_th.jpg


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Oh well that would explain why the fine dust is getting past. Yes I do think when they did the pre delivery checks that the air filter should have been oiled.

Well glad that is sorted out, cheers.

Kinarfi that sounds like a real good way to evenly coat the filter with oil, will give your method a go for sure.

Lenny I didnt fill the gap around the fan as it was quite small however I suppose it would make a difference, I have some thick foam sealing tape that

i think will close the gap nice so will get that sorted also.

Going to check out the steering safty issues and im looking into getting some bigger tyres to give her some more legs.

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I have always cleaned the filters in the race cars, or the cars we run filters on with simple green, I spray it with simple green, then hose it from the inside out and let air dry.

Well I guess i will pick up a can of K&N oil, I think one of those foam prefilters would be good also, maybe an aftermarket filter that doesent have an open so all ir goes thru the foam pre filter

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