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Computer Controler for fuel And timing


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We have been working with a ECU tuner .We have sent him all the connectors he needs to connect to Troopers .We should get one this week for testing.We have instaled a exhaust gas senser and exhaust temp senser on are Trooper ECU is set up all wrong. This info will be able to help him zero in on the exact set up on the controler.This also will work on the timing for max.torque. Be for we do any thing we will Dyno in all modes.We will see how good it works hopefully not to expensive.WE have been busy working on the ball joint issue.We have come up with an up grade to the stock ball joint we had custom ureathane boots made to fit tight and not rot or fall apart.We have instaled a grease fitting on the top and have found a grease made for cranes that will not break down or wash out.We are so sure that this will solve the ball joint issue,We are going to warrantey them for 1 year that the boot will not rot or fall off and ball joint will not fail.We will offer the grease if customer wants to perchase some it works great on the c/v's and steering boxes.It will make them run cooler than any grease that comes with c/v's

We have gotton our sintered metal brake pads they will stop a trooper with 31" tires.Great for- sand- water and mud.They should last longer than stock ones.They use these on race motorcycle's

We will have prices in about 1 week.On most products.Bilstein shocks for Trooper's coming soon and they will be affordable!


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Wow...Bilsteins! B) Are these the upgraded shocks that newer Joyners have; or strictly aftermarket? Adjustable? Remote reservoir?

We are working with bilstien to set them up for Troopers T2 T4 Vipers Geting the price down is the hard thing.These are aftermarket shocks not stock Joyner shocks the rear will have remote reservoir the front's we are still working on.

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