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Fender Flares


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I was think of makeing them out of diamond plate in black.The only thing they would make noise over stones.We could use some of the plastic and trim it out with the diamond plate.This way we could make 45 degree bends by the sides and the front to look real cool.What do you guys think.The rocker panel would be easy to make and look real nice.

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Here's my first unintentional fender mod, 2633082840104110397YiwFrI_th.jpg, I didn't get too fancy, just wanted to keep the mud, brown and green, off me, the green mud is left by animals like cows and sheep, yuck!!!! Here's a photo of the fronts, 2233912510104110397fZKvom_th.jpg, just redid the rears, so no photos, yet.


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Hi Rocmoc

I would like to see pictures of doors.I know i must have mised them on the forman.If you can post them that would be great.Love to see them and see how they close and open.May be whear you found parts as hingers & locks.I no you were interested in the cams 2 to 3 weeks out.They are working on the shims now.




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Hello Rick/Silverbullet,

Next project this summer. I will share pic & info. When my better 3/4's stuck her leg out to stop us from going over in Moab it became apparent to me that for us they were a priority.

Yeah, a torquer cam would be great!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Fenders, on my last trip out to Moab with 2 scoops, I came home minus a fender, so here's what I decided to try this time around, so far, so good, took for a 30 mile ride yesterday evening.

2999463310104110397mwJwKX_th.jpg 2606093800104110397UviFzl_th.jpg 2322571390104110397OqTOQK_th.jpg 2238461520104110397bWaZBk_th.jpg

Would NOT work for Mudding, but since I hate mud, they should work fine for me. I think it will let the radiator breath better and hopefully have less dirt & dust getting into the engine compartment.


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I'm in RAIN and MUD country. Here are some mods I did to my fenders (cus of wife) doors (cus of wife) and... well, you get the idea.

I removed the plastic covering over the engine and replaced it with checkerplate aluminum with a storage compartment and backward facing seat.

Then I used the plastic cover for the fenders, which work well.

The doors fold up and away, and the hard windshield can be removed in 3 minutes. I have a soft windshield to use in summer months which is permanently attached on the inside.








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