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2022 Massimo T-Boss 410 won't go into drive

Linda Martin

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  • Alex changed the title to 2022 Massimo T-Boss 410 won't go into drive
On 1/30/2022 at 11:51 AM, Linda Martin said:

My UTV starts but won't go into drive.  Just received the UTV, 2022 t boss 410. Any suggestions 

Return it to store for refund ... buy a Honda.. I wish I had............ My MSU 500 broke on 1st day after 1 mile ... They refused warranty coverage. ever since . I have been bleeding money keeping it running for 3 years now . Been in shop 6 times 

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no,  its actually doing fine . But its now MASSIMO /YAMAHA  hybrid....lol  .. and I carry a toolbox and a towrope in the bed .  With the money I spent in repairs , i could have bought the Honda Pioneer and had money left over. ..  I just wish I had known just how bad Massimo lack of warranty service really is.. BEFORE I bought it from Tractor Supply .  If they would at least back up their product, it would have been OK.. But they dont back up sh&t.. NOTHING!!! Shops wont touch these anymore. They dont get paid.  Its awful.  but I digress...lolol

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great might be a bit overreach.. lets call it adequate, or maybe good. ..... lol  It does run well now and always did well in mud and muck.. But the first two years were .just..... ride for an hour, load on trailer ,bring to shop.. PAY $$$$$  , repeat... repeat, repeat ,repeat...  It got really frustrating . I warn everyone to avoid Massimo. Unless you are a UTV mechanic and can make repairs yourself , or you just have lots of $$$ and like a challenge. lol

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