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Gearing Change


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Guest Lenny

Unless your rock crawling and want a super low granny, It's good the way it is with the 31" tires I have. I can even do a good job on the rockcrawl jeep trails as is. Not easy to change the diffs or trany for different gearing. I'm working on planitary gearing for the four hubs to get the low low type gearing but I have a long ways to go and not yet sure I can actually get it to fit and work the way I would like. Either way, it will be some time.


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We just put 30" ITP's on a trooper and put all of the bars on, (fender bars, rock rails, etc.). It did take some power but I like it so far. I found out yesterday that Joyner is trying to get a ring & pinion set that is lower and a set that is higher to offer for the trooper. I did'nt ask specificly about the renagade. Also there is a company making a fifth gear ass. that you slide in that will bump up top speed on a stock trooper. I am waiting on the info to find out just how much for sure. One person said 70 and one said 79.

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I've been thinking about getting a machine shop to build me new gears but if Joyner is coming out with lower ones i might wait and get them. i want to go back to tires but i want Interco Super Swamper TSL Boggers http://www.intercotire.com/tires.php?id=13&g=1 i really want the 33 x 14 but may settle for the 31 x 12.5. the best way to go would be Lenny's planetary gears on all corners to reduce the torque on the rest of the drive train.

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I talked to Casey at Joyner yesterday and he said that they havent started making them yet, but that it is in the making and that he would tell me when he got proto's in. I would think that it may be awhile yet but I think it is a good idea. If anyone else gets a price on cutting new ones, I would like to get some info on them, price, where at, etc.. As soon as I find out more I will post it.

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