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How about a 1st annual Trooper Jamboree


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Figured that maybe we should start a separate thread for a Trooper Jamboree. Currently we have Rocmoc, Kinarfi, Showa, and myself interested in setting up a 3 or 4 day ride at Logandale Trails near the Valley of Fire and Nelsons Hills near Boulder, both in southern NV but about 80 miles apart. Showa thought that Paiute3 would possibly be interested especially with him living near the area. I'll bet we could get someone from Joyner to join us seeing as we have a fair amount of mods they should be interested in.

How about we start to set up a time that works. I'm retired so my schedule is pretty much wide open and I beleive that Kinarfi is fairly flexible too. Kinarfi prefers it to be sooner then later to better catch cooler weather and I agree. So far Rocmoc has the farthest to drive, well Kinarfi has a ways to go too, so maybe you Rocmoc can start things out by picking dates that include the weekend that would work for you. If you can pick a couple of times that work for you and we can see how the others fit in. We'll juggle from there.

There would be lodging in Logandale which were right next to and for Nelson Hills, were close enough (guessing 10 miles) from Boulder so lodging could be had there. Those using lodging could leave all equipment with those camping on site so going to and back from lodging would be quick. There is camping at both sites with Logandale Trails having public bathrooms at the trail head. I have a small 21' fifth wheel trailer that is 6'8" wide so were pretty tight. I can however sleep four if someone doesn't mind the squeeze we could sleep 2 more people. Kinarfi, your also more than welcome but your a big guy so you'll have to tip your head a little to fit on height. That's fine with me if it is with you. If others have room to spare, please advise. Hope I'm not getting ahead of myself but I always lived feeling that if everybody looks out for everybody else, we all have a more fulfilling time.

The trails offer quite a wide variety of riding from sand dunes, general trails, wash crossings, up and down tight stuff, some nice rock crawling and of course general putting around site seeing. I don't know how big Logandale Trails are for sure but Nelson Hills is 10 by 12 miles or 120 sq miles of area.

Lets hear from anyone and everyone interested and lets get a schedule put together and beat the heat.

How about you starting off rocmoc?

Nelson Hills N 35 47 20 W114 53 04

Logandale Trails http://www.offroadadventureguide.com/Trail...Trails_Map.html

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I just got back from a 2 day drive around White Rim, Canyon Lands, in my Yukon with my son and our wives. My boy and his wife rode motorcycles and I drove the Yukon, They won't let ATVS or OHVs in.

Any way, I'm pretty sure I can find a break in the TV schedule and scrape together some funds and make it down to see you all, definitely worth any expense. :D Pretty certain that you can count me in.!!!!!! Let's do it before it gets too hot down there.

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When? Let us know so that George can schedule the time off. The motels are in Overton but it would be better lodging for the money to stay in Mesquite (a bit farther to drive) for the Logandale Trail. Theres a couple of nice motels in Boulder City but you'ld be right outside of Henderson with Sunset Station and Fiesta Casinos with huge parking lots.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

George and Cinda

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It's a go. Looks like we have rocmoc, kinarfi, paiute3, showa and myself. Paiute3 still has to clear it with work. Rocmoc has now shown the 8th - 10th of May which adds an extra day. This is fine with me, how about everybody else? With 3 days we can take in both Logandale Trails and Nelson Hills. We should all meet at Logandale Trails ( I'll set up a specific location later ) the first day and plan on spending the nite there, then when there, as a group, we'll decide how to schedule in Nelson Hills. Paiute3 said that lodging would be available in Overton which is about 7 miles east of Logandale. The trail itself is about 3-4 miles south of Logandale. If you want better than little town lodging, you can always go to Mesquite which is about 30 miles from the trail but that's a bit of a dirve. My wife, Jeanne and I will get to the trail early and establish a camping area. We all will be camping in a narrow canyon right next to the Valley of Fire. It's a beautiful location and great for Kodak Moments. Camping is free but there are not any facilities. There is a public restroom at the Lgandale Trails about 1/4 mile or so up the park road but it's basic with no water. Anybody that wants to stay in Overton can leave their Trooper and anything else for that matter with those at the camp site.

I can sleep 2 extra people in my camper but it will be tight as I have my wife and myself along with my two 70 pound dogs but we can make it work. I also have a Dodge Mega Cab which could sleep a couple in the back seat which is huge when folded down flat. This is my kit:


I'm going to plan on being there on the 7th to claim our camping spot. Others can get there anytime from the evening of the 7th or after.

There is plenty of room for tent camping also. After all, this is camping, it's susposed to be inconvenient. I'll bring some wood but don't have much for campfires. If you have some fire wood laying around, bring it. It doesn't cost anything to ride or camp at either site.

Finally, someone on this forum knows the people at Joyner. Possibly they can talk to them and convince them to send a team member with a Trooper to represent the company. I think with this many Trooper owners showing up at the 1st Trooper Jamboree, they need to come. This will give everybody including them a chance to see a lot of modifications and fixes first hand. These are mods done by some very bright and capable people that we are fortunate to have on this forum.

Please ask any and all questions.

Any and all Trooper owners are invited. Please let us know if you want to come.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, can't wait.


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Where we're going to be camping is the area large enough to turn our mega cab and 29 foot trailer around in? We'll be up Friday afternoon. Lance may be coming with us as well. I'll speak to our neighbor about firewood, he usually has a bunch of 2x4 short leftovers from his projects, I'll let you know.

Can't wait to see everyone!


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We will be bring a Toyhauler. We need lots of room to turn around as we are 53' long. Is there somewhere where we can setup once as it is a lot of work to break camp every day?

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

Yes, we can set up once. If we go to Nelson Hills which is about 100 miles south, we could go early on the 10th and that way, we wouldn't have to set up camp there.

Manuvering your should not be a problem. Even of yuou can't get turned around where we camp, the road continues and 1/4 to 1/2 mile down there will be enough room.


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