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This is for all of you John Deere UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners.  Discussions about John Deere UTV specific topics including Gator models.

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    • Hello, I have Massimo 800 that i bought with a motor problem. I was wondering how hard it is to get parts for these types of machines. The machine for the most part is brand new with only 360 miles so it should be worth fixing but if not I will part out. Thanks in advance for all help
    • Well, I know a little about these clutches. are you still having issues with them? And if so, what is happening to the wet clutch. and second, are you having any issues with the outer clutches at all? When you replaced the clutch, did you use an OEM clutch or an aftermarket one? Did you replace the one way bearing as well. and when you replaced the clutch, did you replace the outer clutch drum? Matt
    • no one has gotten back to me  
    • Sounds like a good deal! I would find out if there is a undersized rod, and specs for grinding the crankshaft, that *might* be cheaper than having to get a new rod and crankshaft, possibly.
    • As far as I know you would need to take that nut off of the very end.